The 4 Best Ways to Welcome Your Newest Hire to Your Staff

Hiring and welcoming a new person is an interesting and important transition. Whenever a new person joins the team, there are inevitably questions about whether they’ll be a good fit and whether they will work out in the long run. A large part of a new hire’s success is dependent on how you welcome them in to the team.

In many cases, a new staff member will likely be nervous when they start their new job, because they also have no idea how everything is going to work out. There are so many ways to welcome a new employee and make them feel like part of the team. Here are four of the best ways you can reach out to new hires to ensure they hit the ground running.

  1. Introduce new hires to the company on Friday.

During the week, your team is probably really busy, and maybe they don’t have time to connect with a new employee in the middle of the week. Introducing a new person on Monday for example can be a rushed and quickly forgotten experience, but if you do so on Friday, when the team is able to relax and really welcome their new team member.

Always try to focus on the date or day in which other people are ready to welcome the new employees. Try to include them in any company events or parties going on as a great time to welcome them to the team.

  1. Come with a welcome strategy.

Every team leader needs to have a welcome strategy to bring in new employees. There are so many ways you can welcome the new person to the team, but one of the best ways is talking to them. Ask how they want to approach their first day and first week. It’s possible they don’t want a big show and lots of attention, and would prefer to be more quietly recognized. The important thing is to ask and listen to their preferences. Think about what others could have done to make you feel comfortable when you joined the team. That will be the foundation of your strategy.

  1. Have a mentor in place.

Whenever a new employee comes on board, it’s important to help them get a jump on learning everything by setting them up with a mentor or buddy who can guide them. Once they understand there is someone who can guide them, they can easily settle in and address any concerns or questions that come up during the onboarding process. Mentors can teach new employees the ropes and make introductions to other people as is helpful.

  1. Give them a team lead tour.

This one of the best ways to get new staff noticed by the team. It’s important to recognize that more than just one person will be guiding the new employee as they learn their new job. Providing them with a group environment where they meet several of their leads, they can all pitch in to introduce them to their new teammates but also show them around the office. When new hires recognize they are part of the team, they will quickly become more familiar with it.

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