6 Steps to Re-Energize When Facing Burnout From Work

When you work consistently, you inevitably start feeling mental fatigue. This burnout feeling is built up over time due to stress caused by tension in your daily work. Everyone has a different amount of stress they can handle before they experience burnout, but there are a few things anyone can try to boost their energy and get excited about work again. Here are six ways to reenergize and combat burnout at work.

1. Get Moving

Learn to leave your desk every 90 minutes. Taking breaks at regular intervals can go a long way toward keeping your mind sharp and interested in the subject matter. If you’re working from home and looking to give your energy a boost, take time to grab some fresh air in between scheduled meetings and calls. You can take a 10-minute stroll around your neighborhood or have playtime with a pet. If you work in a conventional office space, try taking a brief walk around the building, or do some stretching to make you feel energized. Make a habit of it.

2. Take Time to Refocus

Take some time to think about anything not work related. If you work out of your home or vehicle, you may be literally taking your work home with you. Spending time in the evening to unwind with television, family or a hobby can help relieve work stress. Work will still be waiting for you in the morning and you’ll be able to tackle it with fresh eyes.

3. Take 10 Deep Breaths

Taking deep breaths when you are in a stressful situation seems like a cliché, but it really works. This easy meditation technique can really help clear your mind and help you to move forward in your work. Focus on relaxing your body and mind after every breath, making sure you breathe slowly in and out. The more you do this, the more relaxed you will feel, and the more prepared you will be to engage with the task.

4. Take a Coffee Break

There’s a reason coffee is so globally popular. It is one of the best ways to both take a break and refocus your mind. The hot liquid is comforting, and the accompanying caffeine is a nice boost to wake up a tired mind. Just taking a coffee break (without the coffee) can provide benefits of socialization, relaxation, and movement that will help you fight burnout. Give it a try the next time you need to get reenergized for the task at hand.

5. Just Dive In

Sometimes you waste a lot of time looking for motivation and inspiration when the fastest way to get into a project is to just get started. Staying busy helps engage your mind and build off the momentum of a task. So next time you are dreading taking on a new project, or are struggling under the stress of a high-pressure situation, just start and keep going until you finish the work. You will find yourself thinking more clearly and efficiently in the heat of the moment. Once the task is complete, the relief from the stress you felt will be worth the struggle in the beginning.

6. Remind Yourself Why

Why do you do what you do? What is your motivation for working so hard? Reminding yourself why is one of the best ways to inspire yourself. It helps keep you energized and drive you forward. Whatever inspires you to do your best, keep that in mind throughout your workday for greater success and less chance for burnout.

Are you following these steps and still feel overburdened with stress and burnout at your job?

Is it getting harder to remind yourself why the effort and stress are worth it? That’s okay! People and workplaces change over time. It may be your time to move on to greener pastures. Contact the experts at Ag1Source today to find a new job that inspires you.