Is Your Team in a Summer Slump? Give Their Attitudes a Boost With These 4 Tips!

The summer slump can be a tough time for teams. Employee morale may be dragging as the weather heats up. Short of encouraging your team to take some time off to recuperate, here are some morale boosting workplace policies and practices to incorporate into your summer strategy.

Team Building Events

Summer is a great time to get everyone and their families together for some co-worker bonding. Also, consider a game day activity or a volunteer event with a local non-profit. A tried-and-true summertime get together is a traditional company picnic. The goal of this event should be to create a positive environment where co-workers can connect with each other and have some fun away from the office.

Flexible Hours

Consider offering a seasonal perk to help employees make the most of their summertime, such as compressed workweeks, revised work schedules, flex-time or shorter hours on Fridays. Just make sure your policies are consistent across the business and do not disrupt any area of operation.  Also, by establishing a flexible scheduling policy in advance of the summer months, supervisors are better able to manage workflows and can arrange schedules according to those needs.

Check in on Safety and Wellness

A big theme of the summertime is healthy living and fitness. Make sure you are cashing in on the same trend through prioritizing the safety and well-being of your employees every day. Pay close attention during the hot summer months to things like exterior work conditions, water consumption, and job site safety. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), factors such as working in direct sunlight, high temperatures and humidity, physical exertion and lack of sufficient fluid intake can lead to heat stress. Make certain to have plenty of water on hand, and if needed limit the number of hours an employee is in direct sunlight to protect against excessive exposure to heat and insects.

The benefits of the summertime warmth and good weather are a spike in employee wellness program participation. Encourage teams to get out and exercise together. Promote the benefits of exercise with a weekly walking challenge or sponsor a company sports team (like softball or volleyball). Offer healthy snacks at the office and encourage healthier eating habits.

Professional Development and Training Opportunities

Take the mid-year point as an opportunity to focus on employee development and performance. Check in with staff members to make sure they have the training and resources they need to do their jobs. Provide informal feedback if you don’t have a six-month formal review process. Encourage employees to plan educational activities that take place out of the office, or even outdoors, if practical. The summer sun makes for a great chance to show teams what it’s like out in the field.

If managed carefully and with a strategy in place, the benefits of these summertime activities and practices can extend far beyond the season.

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