5 Employee Appreciation Tips

Nobody works hard for a manager they feel doesn’t appreciate them. While you may think that at the end of the day, it’s their salary and their employment that motivates team members, it’s actually more likely the people they work for and with who drive employees to do their best work. Here are several things you can do to make sure your team feels appreciated and motivated to do more than just enough to keep their jobs this season.

Bring Food

Food is something all employees will appreciate. Whether you bring in donuts to say thanks to a team who pulled some late shifts to get the job done, or have lunch catered for an all hands meeting, food brings people together and shows the company appreciates and wants to help their team enjoy their hard-earned success.

Host a Party

Holiday parties are often the norm across corporate America, but many employees will likely be busy with travel or spending time with family during the November and December months. Consider hosting a party earlier in the season to make sure everyone is able to join in on the fun. A bonus is that event venues are less expensive this time of year. If you have good weather, you could also consider an outdoor location or company picnic.

Do Good Together

Similar to a company party, a company volunteer event is another great way to bring the team together and inspire some valuable bonding time. Volunteer events can be anything from cleaning up a roadside to donating to a worthy local cause. This kind of act really does bring people together and make them feel like the company really cares about their community and how they can help make the world a better place through their work.

Gamify the Work

A corporate gamification system is a proven way to inspire a little friendly competition among your employees. In an employer led program like this, each staff member could claim tasks of their choosing and would receive the point values associated with the tasks upon completion. These points could be redeemed at a corporate rewards portal for anything ranging from an extra vacation and work-from-home days to company-paid continuing education. This is a fun way to show employees you appreciate their hard work, and it makes for a very entertaining rewards program.

Start a Mentorship Program

Few things are more inspiring within the workplace than a mentor-mentee relationship. Young workers crave mentorship. As a manager you can provide mentorship opportunities for your young staff by pairing them up with more experienced workers. Older generations also appreciate the opportunity to share their knowledge and experience with others. Creating room for that mentor-mentee status on both ends of the generational spectrum will help motivate your workforce and encourage positive interactions between generations.

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