How to Attract Candidates Who Aren’t Currently Looking For a Job

Passive candidates can be a strong choice for employers looking for employees who are experienced, in demand and able to ramp up quickly. But they can be a challenge to recruit. The benefits of looking at both active candidates and passive candidates are clear, as you are able to broaden your scope and even generate a reliable talent pipeline. Job seekers who are currently employed but open to new opportunities can be a good source for high-quality hires. Here are a few ways you can encourage them to take the leap without taking a hit in your recruiting costs.

Speak to Your Culture

If an employed individual is at all interested in making a change, there are reasons their current company is not the right fit for them. This could be due to poor compensation, but in many cases the issue is with the people or the overall culture of the company they are no longer feeling content with. By focusing on your culture and how valued your employees are for their individual contributions, you offer passive candidates something that could be a big differentiator within their new role. Opportunities for growth, training and professional development, and a welcoming group of co-workers may be what you need to attract an already employed candidate.

Be Strategic

Interviewing at least a few candidates who are not in a rush to come on board right away can reduce the pressure on the hiring end as well. This gives you the opportunity to be strategic in your planning. You are better able to understand how candidates would fit your needs in the position, engage in multiple layers of interviews and evaluations, and have time on your side during salary negotiations. This more strategic hiring process is generally easier and less rushed for both parties, the employee and the employer, which allows both sides to fully commit to the change in the relationship.

Work With a Recruiting Partner

One of the reasons working with a recruiting partner can be so helpful in situations like this is they are familiar with the talent currently in play. By developing and networking with a bunch of existing candidates (both active and passive), they are better able to provide employers with a well-rounded applicant pool. By working with a recruiting agency, you are giving yourself access to a network of talented agricultural professionals who are prescreened and proven on the job. You reduce the risk of hiring employees who are more interested in a paycheck than what they are doing or who they are working for. It’s a win-win for both candidates and employers alike.

Need help finding qualified candidates?

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