Using Facebook to Your Advantage While Looking for Agricultural Candidates

Success in the agricultural industry is all about finding the right people at the right time. But in the modern age of online recruiting, the internet can seem like an endless source of problems and an overflow of bad job candidates. What that means is you are simply not using the right digital tools and websites to help you find the best candidates and weed out the bad ones before they cross your desk.

Here’s what you need to know about using Facebook to your advantage while looking for your needle in the haystack.

First, Focus on Your Business Profile

An important part of finding great candidates through social media is by presenting yourself as a great employer. Facebook is great for this. You can control how you present your business and your current employees on your business page. You can engage with customers, clients, and even candidates right from the convenience of your feed. You can share content that sets you apart from other employers in your industry. And you can even post job listings right on the site that help you attract local candidates.

The same tips that apply to candidates looking to leverage their social media presence to help in their job search apply to you. Make sure you pick a professional profile photo. Using a logo is a strong place to start but remember to personalize your page by adding pictures of employees and the workplace as well. Don’t post anything that looks like you are not a serious contender for the best talent in the industry, because you should understand candidates are looking not just at your page, but also at your competitors.

Create Engagement

The best way to use Facebook as a business is to reach out and engage with the world. That may be engaging directly with customers and partners, but it can also be with current and future employees. Candidates want to know what it’s like to work somewhere before they sign a contract, and an active Facebook page is a great place to get the information they want to see. Encourage your current employees to engage on the platform. Allow them to share pictures and posts about work so long as it’s nothing confidential. This can really put a human face on an otherwise impersonal business page. Keep the content constructive and up to date to encourage applicants to reach out to learn more about upcoming opportunities.

Use the Jobs Tab

Not many businesses know that Facebook now has a job search feature which allows businesses to recruit directly through the social network. This is a great opportunity for job hunters and businesses alike to find the right opportunities. Candidates can learn what people say about different you as an employer, and even apply directly to your jobs on the platform. For businesses, the key benefit is finding local candidates who are actively seeking opportunities. In an otherwise crowded landscape of job sites, Facebook might just be the more personal connection to real job seekers that your company needs.

Looking for quality candidates?

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