Having Trouble Finding Agricultural Candidates? Here’s Why You Should Partner With an Agricultural Recruitment Agency!

Hiring can be tough, especially in the agriculture industry. It takes time and substantial investment of resources to recruit and onboard new staff. But without a solid candidate pool, finding the right person for the right job is like trying to find a needle in a field of haystacks. There are ways to speed up the candidate search, however. Here’s why the answer may be partnering with a recruitment agency specialized in agricultural recruiting.

Extra Specialized Support

Hiring is sometimes a task best left to the professionals. Corporations often spend substantial budgets on human resources and recruiting departments. But if you don’t have the resources to invest in a full-time recruitment team, consider partnering with a third-party recruitment agency that knows how to find the talent you need. By working with an agricultural recruitment firm, you can count on the availability and experience you need to find and attract the industry’s top talent. You have access to market information that can mean the difference between a great hire or a lost opportunity.

Less Irrelevant Resumes

This is something many employers are struggling with in the modern age of online applications and search engines. If you become overwhelmed by hundreds of resumes for every job description you post online, the antidote may just be to limit posting online. Big job boards like Monster.com, LinkedIn, and others can bring in a flood of candidates, but if you are looking for the right person for the job you, might be better off posting on your company webpage; then calling on your professional network and hiring pipeline to narrow down the field. Personal recommendations can be an excellent source of employee referrals, without the need to wade through resume after resume.

Qualified Candidate Pipelines

The talent gap is a very real concern for many employers. It seems increasingly difficult to find the talent with just the right set of skills for your needs. The solution for this problem is two-fold. First, take a good, hard look at your job description. Are you clearly stating what your needs are? What qualities and skills are required to accomplish the task? Second, are you expecting too much from a new hire? Is on-the-job training an option? Candidates rarely settle for jobs they already know how to do completely. If there is nothing new for them to learn, there is less motivation to take the job. Keep both these factors in mind when advertising a new position. They can help you fine-tune your requirements to get just the right candidate in the door.

Partner with Ag 1 Source!

To help you find the value you’re looking for from your agriculture hires, put your trust in a recruitment partner like Ag 1 Source and we will handle the rest. Contact us today!