5 Ways to Improve Your Resume

Ready to update your resume? It can seem like a chore, but the resumes that are done right are the ones that get employers’ attention in this market. There’s no room for sloppy mistakes when you are looking to grow your career. Resumes are the easiest way for an employer to get a snapshot of your skills and accomplishments. To help them see your value, make sure your resume is designed for that purpose. A great resume is one where an employer can easily see your education, honors and awards, pertinent coursework, relevant and additional experience, as well as special skills and co-curricular activities you’ve accomplished. Here are five things you can do to improve your resume today.

  1. Focus on Results

Hiring managers are constantly reading through resumes and cover letters that say plenty about what a person was asked to do, but rarely about what that person actually accomplished. Your resume should be results oriented. Employers want to know what you can do for them. Focusing on your past results gives them a clear picture of what you will be able to do for them should they hire you.

  1. It’s All About the Data

For technical jobs and non-technical jobs alike, data on results and deliverables is a key strength of any great resume. Focusing on that data and communicating the quantifiable impact of your work will attract the attention of a hiring manager in a way that descriptive and quality-based keywords simply can’t do. With that in mind, don’t be shy. Tell future employers exactly how much that project was worth or how much money you saved the company. This will cement in the hiring manager’s mind that you are a real competitor for the position.

  1. Emphasize Accomplishments

Your resume is the one place in life you never want to be modest. While you don’t want to exaggerate your past performance (which can easily get called out by a previous employer in a reference or background check), accomplishments are a distinguishing factor in your professional history. Make sure they are front and center in your resume. While everyone likely has their own accomplishments, yours are unique to you and your work background. Bringing an employer’s attention to those accomplishments allows them to see your previous work experience in its best light.

  1. Know and Use Relevant Terms and Keywords

Keywords are obviously important in today’s tech-heavy recruiting market. The lack of appropriate key words in your resume and cover letter shows a lack of understanding of your industry, and a lack of investment to do the research. Make sure to note your specific skills prominently within a resume, because employers are looking for those job-related skills that only experienced workers are likely to have in their wheelhouse.

  1. Be Concise

Don’t make the mistake of writing too much. The ability to get to the point is critical in a resume. You only have a couple of pages at most to share your full work history and key skills. Hiring managers in the agriculture industry want to know the critical points that would make you a worthy candidate for a job. Use bullet points. Avoid flowery language. Lead with action verbs. Be sure your resume is concise to get past this stage in the hiring process.

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