6 Ways to Know You Picked the Right Career in Agriculture

Every professional struggles with knowing whether they are in the right career at some point. Figuring out whether you picked the right career path can be stressful. For many people, finding work that is both rewarding and purposeful is the biggest hurdle of their young adult lives. The agriculture industry is no different. The search for a purpose, a place to belong and be a productive member of the community is deeply challenging. But there are ways you can know for sure you are in the right career in the agriculture industry.

  1. You do what excites you

If you wake up in the morning and you are eager to start your day, that’s a great sign you’re in the right career. That passion and confidence requires a strong match between your skills and your role and the environment you work within. If work doesn’t really feel like work, you’re in the right place.

  1. You’re not easily distracted

Prioritization is key to getting work done. When you’re able to quiet the external noise that prevents you from doing your best, you are better able to focus on what’s important to you and your work. And that’s a great sign that you picked the right career.

  1. You’re good at what you do, and other people know it

When other employees are quick to turn to you for advice or insight, then you can be sure you’re in the right role. The quality of your work is the product of your skills, knowledge and understanding of the work. You are doing your best when those needs align with your abilities effortlessly.

  1. You never settle for good enough

Quality of work is important to those who are in the right place. If you know what’s important to the success of a project and you refuse to settle for mediocrity, then there’s no where else you should rather be. Those who are great, are great because their work is meaningful and important enough to be a passion, not just a job.

  1. You feel energized and empowered in your role

When you’re in the right career, it can seem like the work is never done. There will always be something new and exciting to do or try, and you can’t wait to start. This deep sense of alignment impacts everything in your life, to the point where it can seem like opportunities that show up in your life at the right time were just meant for you. Work-life balance is critical to long-term success, but when you’re in the right career, your work rarely feels like a burden.

  1. You know you’re serving a greater purpose

In the agriculture business, it can be easy to get lost in the numbers or the projects. But for those who are truly in the right role, the primary focus quickly becomes the broader impact of your work. For these people, a career thrives on the contribution and broader success of the team, not just on achieving personal goals. It’s with this mindset that anyone can really make a difference in the world.

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