How Can You Find Your Next Career in the Agriculture Industry?

The agriculture industry is an amazing space to work in the modern era. Businesses are looking for the best talent to help them navigate tough issues from low commodity prices to market consolidation. Armed with the right information and a sense of the direction you are looking to grow your career in, you can find your niche and make a real difference in the agriculture industry. Here are three key tips to help you find your next career in the dynamic agriculture industry.

Looking for a new opportunity?

1. Recognize that change brings opportunity

Between now and 2020, the industry is expected to grow by almost 60,000 positions per year! Colleges aren’t providing enough graduates to fill those positions, according to research from Purdue University and the U.S. Department of Agriculture. That means more opportunities for workers with transferable skills that may even be coming from a different industry. Transitioning into agriculture might seem like a leap, but just as with any other industry, the agriculture business takes strong communication skills, business acumen, and great project management skills. Think hard about the role you are looking to transfer into and find the connections between what you have experience doing and what you would be expected to do in that role.

2. Stay up to date on major shifts in the business of agriculture

The agriculture industry has changed a lot. Modern agriculture is a high-tech industry that combines the best of environmental sciences, information technology, and software to focus on providing food, energy and consumer goods to the world. And with all those advances comes a modern, business-minded workforce. Jobs like agricultural finance, precision ag service technician and R&D scientists are what the modern agriculture industry is built on. Individuals with a sustainable focus and environmental technicians are in demand as well. There is a robust technical workforce in agriculture. As such, even if you’ve been in the business for years upon years, understanding how modern processes and new technologies are impacting your market can really help drive your career success.

3. Make yourself stand out in an uncertain environment

Employers in the agriculture industry are struggling with a sea of change. From weather issues to new technologies, smart crops and tariff concerns, the key need right now is for talent who are well equipped to help companies weather the storm. Staple skills such as strong verbal communication, writing and computer skills will always be in demand. These are critical skills needed to survive in today’s business world and every job in agriculture needs people who can communicate well. While a background in agriculture is helpful, it’s a willingness to learn amid an ever-changing environment that is really important. What the agriculture business needs right now are employees who are professional, organized, and great problem solvers. To help companies navigate a turbulent business environment, also call out your change management experience. How have you supported previous employers through difficult times with uncertain futures? What value can you bring to a business unsure of what the future will bring?

Considering A New Role?

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