Top YouTube Channels for New Managers

As a new manager, it can be intimidating to step into a leadership role. Leadership is a key quality that companies look for in their current and future employees, but it doesn’t always come easy. It’s a learned skill and even those outside of a traditional leadership position can benefit from learning how to be a stronger leader among your co-workers.

A true leader is someone who cares as much about his team members’ successes as his or her own. The ability of a team to synergize and play on one another’s strengths is of great value to a project or to a company as a whole. Your ability to inspire and motivate your team of colleagues is a strong indicator of your leadership acumen. Recognizing that leadership is about leading others, not just getting ahead, will show your commitment to your team and your company. Here are several YouTube channels that are a great place to get inspired and learn the skills you need to become the best manager you can be.

1. Marie TV

Coming through with an open and authentic style, Marie Forleo delivers timely work and life advice to her channel subscribers. Serving up a great balance of sound advice and engaging charm, Forleo’s coverage of topics include how to find your inner strength, finding marketing strategies that work, and even how to stop feeling overwhelmed at work.

2. Tony Robbins

Tony Robbins is a well-known leadership and personal growth expert who has dominated the industry for years. But many people don’t know that his YouTube channel is an excellent free resource to anyone interested in learning more about how to become a better manager. His channel delivers a wonderful mix of motivational, financial and business advice that rival even his live events.

3. Robin Sharma

With years of best-selling books, corporate advising, and now a successful web TV career under his belt, Robin Sharma promotes self-help advice in a business context that really matters. His style is personable, knowledgeable and experience-driven, and it’s clear why he’s obtained over 190,000 subscribers. Sharma creates video content that really connects with business people. The biggest takeaway from his channel – find your passion, do your best work, and success and fame will follow.

4. Bryan Tracy

Tracy is considered one of the most knowledgeable YouTubers speaking within the business leadership landscape. He gives sound advice supported by years of experience. He is a gifted public speaker and has created a strong business channel on YouTube, despite his older than average demographic (for YouTube). His more than 326,000 subscribers trust him to deliver actionable business and leadership tips and is well worth watching for anyone looking to hear from a true expert.

5. FightMediocrity

Malkhaz Geldiashvili’s YouTube channel, Fight Mediocrity focuses on distilling best-selling self-help and business books into short, hand-drawn, animated sketch videos that bring concepts to life. He breaks down business books by Tim Ferris, Malcolm Gladwell, Robert Ciadini and many others. With nearly 457,000 subscribers, Fight Mediocrity’s success lies in choosing exceptional books and focusing on three to four key points by illustrating it.  Consider this channel an engaging and animated version of cliff notes for the top self-help and business authors published today.

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