Good Reads from 2019: Tips for Employers

As 2019 comes to a close, we reflect back on the year. The goals we set, the goals we met and the goals that still need some work. Hopefully your goals were achieved in 2019 and you are eagerly setting new goals to meet, and exceed, in 2020! To help you reach those new goals, we’ve rounded up some of our advice to employers over the past year.

This year we’ve discussed dealing with a high employee turnover rate, how new technology affects the hiring process, and the trend of both clients and candidates “ghosting” before the conclusion of the hiring process. These articles contain steps you can take to prevent miscommunication and make strategic hires for a strong team in 2020

Texting and Technology – Bridging the Generational Hiring Gap

The search process is often frustrating and time consuming. Factoring in a generational gap between experienced management and new, young talent introduces further challenges. We’ve heard from many employers that the increase in potential job candidates texting the hiring manager, instead of emailing or actually calling on the phone, is particularly frustrating. Each generation has a different approach to technology and its use. Talking over the phone and using formal phone etiquette can go a long way toward making a good impression on a hiring manager. Read More . . .

Ghosting Causes You to Lose Out on Top Talent

Ghosting is on the rise among job seekers. According to USA Today, up to 50% of job candidates have been no shows to scheduled interviews in recent months. Even more troubling, is the more and more common occurrence of candidates, who have accepted a job offer, simply not showing up for the first day of work, presumably because they accepted a position with a different company. So what is causing this rise in candidate ghosting? Read More . . .

The REAL Cost of Employee Turnover

If employee turnover costs averaged 33% of an employee’s salary for one company segment, but 200% of another employee’s salary in a different segment, would you address turnover differently in those two segments? I’m going to explain why turnover costs can vary greatly, discuss how to find the root causes, and how to reduce turnover to lessen this significant hit to your bottom line. Read More . . .

We hope this advice helps you meet and exceed your 2020 goals. Continue to browse our blog for more helpful insight. For help building a strong team with the skills to reach those goals, contact the experts at Ag 1 Source.