Hottest Topics of 2020: Remote Work and Improving the Hiring Process

By Alexis Stiebe

As we head into the long weekend, let’s review the topics our readers found most interesting so far in 2020. This year has certainly been a roller-coaster. Business leaders and their employees have faced the challenge of working from home without sacrificing productivity or service to their customers. This worldwide shift has revealed new insight into the pros and cons of working from home. It should come as no surprise that two of our most read blogs this year deal with the topic of remote work.

However, remote work wasn’t our number one topic. Our readers took most interest in improving the hiring process. This goes to show that no matter what challenges your business faces, who is on your team makes all the difference. Do you have employees that can weather the storm? Will your latest hire demonstrate flexibility and creativity under pressure?

If you missed out on these discussions earlier in the year, take a look now. We’ve compiled the top 3 blog posts from the first half of 2020 for you here:

Improving the Hiring Process in 2020

What was your experience like the last time you went to an interview or waited to hear back after applying to a position? Was the wait time long? Did you experience good communication with the employer? How our candidates experience the hiring process is something recruiters consider often and want to learn more about. To accomplish this, we conducted a survey on the length of the hiring process. Read the full article here.

Staying Connected to a Remote Workforce

It is likely that your workforce recently made a sudden shift to working from home. This shift brings many new challenges and changes. It has surely brought new challenges to your leadership strategy. What worked in the office may not work from your home. In this article I share some tips for staying connected to your remote workforce. Read the full article here.

The Start of the Remote Work Revolution

Not sure that anyone saw the revolution of working from home starting as abruptly as it did, but as states are slowing talking about easing people back into the work force, where does this take the future of remote working?

Many industries had embraced remote working well before Covid-19. While many didn’t work remote ALL THE TIME, things were set up to work from home and the office.  Agriculture, which is where as an overall organization, we spend the bulk of our focus, seemed to be behind the times in regards to allowing employees to work from home, even when many of their jobs could easily be done from home. Read the full article here.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on improving the hiring process and how you’ve met the challenge of working from home. Connect with us on Linkedin to join the discussion.