How to Improve Your LinkedIn Profile in an Afternoon

When you apply to a job, you know that you need a good resume to get your foot in the door. You’ve probably put a lot of time and care into writing a great resume that truly demonstrates your skills and experience. But, have you put that same attention into crafting an excellent virtual resume? I’m talking about your LinkedIn profile. LinkedIn is a powerful tool that can help you progress in your career when you aren’t actively job searching.

You may be happy in your current role and not looking to make a change. However, would you consider a great opportunity if it were offered to you? Having an up-to-date LinkedIn profile can bring those opportunities to you. Recruiters often utilize LinkedIn searches to find the top talent an employer needs.

It doesn’t take long to improve your profile and start showing up at the top of the search results. Follow these quick tips that can be completed in an afternoon to set your profile up for success:  

  • Make sure your profile is 100% complete.
    Profiles that LinkedIn considers “complete” have priority in search results. You should see an alert from LinkedIn if there are still parts of your profile that need attention. Follow the prompts from LinkedIn until you no longer see the incomplete profile alert.
  • Add a professional profile photo.
    A good profile photo should clearly show your face and have a neutral background. You should present yourself in this photo the same way you would present yourself at a job interview. This is not the place for overly candid or casual shots.
  • Write a short paragraph containing relevant keywords in your about section.
    Your about section may be the most important part of your LinkedIn Profile. Take some extra time to write a short summary about your experience. You should include keywords that a potential employer would search for when looking for an employee like you.
  • Make sure you add a summary in each section of the profile.
    You are given space under education and work experience to add more detail. These sections are great areas to add relevant keywords that potential employers and recruiters may be searching for.
  • Link to the pages of past companies you’ve worked at.
    This will allow searchers to easily find the pages of your past employers and better judge if your experience is a fit for their open position. When you enter your work experience, LinkedIn will offer suggestions as you begin to type in the company name. If you click on the correct suggestion, the company name will then be linked to that company’s LinkedIn page. The same goes for educational institutions like universities.

These tips are simple to complete in an afternoon and will make a huge impact on how often you show up in search results. They aren’t the only ways to improve your profile but are a fast way to make a big improvement. When you have more time, review some other options LinkedIn provides. For instance, there are areas to share a portfolio of recent projects you’ve completed, an area to link to a personal website, and a section to show organizations you are a part of.

These improvements will help you passively look for a better opportunity without putting your current position at risk. Of course having a strong LinkedIn profile isn’t the only way to be open to a new opportunity if it comes along. A recruiter specializes in finding a great fit for top performers in a confidential manner. If you’d like a partner to help you in a passive job search, consider contacting the recruiting consultants at Ag 1 Source directly by clicking here.