Company Consolidation: Is My Job Safe?

By Kevin O’Connor, Recruiting Consultant/Training Manager

You just got the news. Your company announced a reorganization or a consolidation with another company. You thought your role was essential for the success of the company, but your security is shaken. Do you wait for the awkward meeting with HR and your boss, or take control of your future now? You owe it to yourself and family to maximize your options.

Could this be an opportunity? The sky is not falling. In fact, now is a great time to evaluate what you like and don’t like about your current job role and company, and what other job roles might fulfill your passions even more. What type of company culture do you imagine in your ideal company? What balance of office time, remote working, and travel meets your preferences and the needs of your family? Your answers to those questions will create your target for your next, great, career move. Now what?

Maximize your personal brand.

The first task to enhance your brand is a thorough resume update.  If you have been with your current company for five or more years, you may have had one or two promotions, multiple leadership roles, learned new skills and had advanced training, or even added another degree. What measurable accomplishments could demonstrate the value you brought to your company that would make potential employers want the same for their company? Lastly, research methods that will improve the odds your resume would be selected in a search for an initial screening. Find some detailed suggestions by reading this article.

The second part of maximizing your personal brand is an easily searchable social media platform.

Assume that many potential employers routinely search multiple social media platforms to see if candidates fit their culture. Your LinkedIn profile should be as professional as your resume and should include a professional picture, a short paragraph that highlights selected career accomplishments, explains your passions, and should make potential employers want to scroll down to see your career path and key accomplishments. Review your other social platforms to ensure the posted pictures tell the story you want potential employers to see. If not, fix it.

Leverage your network.

Think of all your connections that could know of talent needs within their companies or introduce you to someone who might know of opportunities. Dig up previous conference materials that list attendees and contact information. No time to be shy. Prepare an introduction script for calls, emails, and LinkedIn InMail. Then practice on trusted colleagues to gain feedback.

Partner with a career specialist.

Ask around to get recommendations of top career consultants or recruiting consultants who can provide objective feedback on your resume plus help connect you with companies where your skills, experience, and passion can translate into new career opportunities. Keep your mind open to new-growth companies in related industries.

Every industry has their share of consolidations and mergers. You have a choice to wait for the call to meet with your boss and an HR representative to tell you their timeline for your career, or you can proactively position yourself for a smooth and timely transition for the next exciting chapter in your career. Shape your personal brand and leverage your network to keep control of your next career move. For help from an experienced career consultant, contact us here.