Why Connect with a Recruiter If You’re Happy in Your Current Role?

By Alexis Stiebe

Why talk to a recruiter today if you are happy with your current role and have no plans to make a change? You probably don’t think about the services a recruiter provides until you actively start looking for a new role. This means when you need a recruiter the most, you find yourself with no existing connections to one. Not only does building a relationship with a recruiter today help you in that future time of need, it also helps you take advantage of opportunities you don’t know you’re missing out on.

Recruiters often have exclusive opportunities that aren’t posted on job boards and aren’t widely advertised. By connecting with them you gain access to exclusive career opportunities. They can open doors to companies that don’t advertise their jobs anywhere else. Exclusive positions are never posted on other job boards. These are typically very good positions that you may never hear about unless you are easy for a recruiter to find. Having a connection with recruiters on Linkedin and through other networking can get you on the short list.

A recruiter becomes your inside track to the job market. Working with one is the best way to passively look for a job while maintaining your current position. As soon as you send your resume to an employer, you become an active job seeker. This can sometimes put your current position in jeopardy if a colleague or boss hears that you’ve applied at another company. A recruiter can find the right opportunities for you while keeping your information confidential.

So, keep your options open and don’t miss out on your dream job. It takes just a few minutes to reach out and expand your network. Contact the recruiters at Ag 1 Source today.