How to Look Professional in a Video Interview

By Alexis Stiebe

Video interviews are quickly becoming the norm. In fact, many of our meetings each day have transitioned to video. As we become more casual with conducting business over live video, it’s important to remember that a job interview isn’t one of those day-to-day video chats. You need to present yourself in a professional way, just like you would in an in-person job interview.

We’ve rounded up some of the best tips for showing you’re a talented professional in your next video interview.

Dress for success

Video calls are now routine, but a job interview is not routine. Dress as if you were meeting in person. When arranging the call be sure to ask human resources about attire before the interview. What is the proper attire for the organization? Press your clothes ahead of time as well. You may not think wrinkles appear on camera, but flaws are easy to spot. If you wear glasses, pay attention to your lighting as well. Camera glare can be distracting and can be prevented with some small adjustments ahead of time.

Lighting makes a big impact

You may not be worried about dim or subpar lighting in your day-to-day meetings. Now is the time to shape that up. Move some table lamps around until your face is well lit. Careful not to have too much light that causes glare or and overexposed picture.


Now that your room is well lit. It’s easy to see the room behind you. You have the opportunity to set your staging for the interview. Think about what is in the line of sight of the camera. Be aware that the background says something about you also. Make sure it is complementary and not distracting. Above all, make sure that it is clean and clutter free.

Limit distractions

Be sure that you alleviate as much outside noise as possible during the video interview that can be distracting to both sides. Also, make sure that you are in a place free of potentially distracting noises, such as barking dogs, traffic, etc. This is not the time for your pets to be roaming free. Cute kids interrupting stopped being cute six months ago. Find alternate care for the time it will take to complete your interview.

Test everything out the day before

Whether you are trying out video meetings for the first time, or are a video chat veteran, practice never hurts. Familiarize yourself with the meeting platform your potential employer is using. Practice with the controls so you can be confident when the meeting begins. This is the time to check that your headset works, your microphone is transmitting, and your camera settings are correct. Any problems you encounter can be solved well before the interview begins.

Follow these steps and a video interview becomes as effective as an in-person interview. With less to worry about, you can be confident, professional and land the job. The recruiters at Ag 1 Source are here to help you reach your professional goals. Contact us today.