2021 and the Candidate Experience: Is Yours Good Enough?

Within the past few decades (give or take), there’s been a shift in how employees view their employers. 

It used to be that the employers held ALL the power. And while that notion still has truth in some situations, the balance has shifted more in favor of employees. Even since 2010, there has been a massive philosophical shift in this regard. 

Beyond that, millennials don’t stay at jobs the same way boomers did. This current crop of workers knows how to shop themselves around their given industry to keep their career momentum moving upward. 

Although COVID-19 hasn’t been easy on the economy, this mentality continues to prevail. Why? Because employers want TOP candidates, not just people who are happy to be there. 

This means that competition is fierce for sought-after, viable recruits. 

And as much as candidates need to impress during the hiring process, potential employers must do the same. After all, these talents are typically already employed and have other offers on the table. 

It’s integral for employers seeking top performers to present an excellent candidate experience, or else their recruitment efforts won’t bear much fruit. Below, we’ll go over some tips that will help your candidate experience stand out in a competitive marketplace. 

Be Careful How You Present Your Organization 

Imagine writing something like “only successful candidates will be contacted” in your job description.

Some employers might deem this an efficient means to an end. But looking at it through a candidate’s lens brings an entirely different perspective. More specifically, it comes across as condescending and unfeeling. 

Such language not-so-subtly tells applicants that you think they’re underqualified. And it gives them negative notions about how they’ll be treated if they work for you. 

A top candidate knows their worth. And these high-level professionals won’t lower themselves to work for an employer who condescends to applicants. 

Plus, a candidate is 38% likelier to accept a job offer after a positive experience. So, sloppy, dismissive messaging amounts to a missed opportunity to impress a top recruit.  

Streamline the Experience 

When it comes to the decision process and the candidate experience, quicker and convenient is better. 

This brings up the topic of virtual interviews, which have eliminated the need for call screening.

54% of survey respondents said that virtual interviews led to a quicker recruitment process. And 41% claim it helped them figure out who the best candidates were. 

Most relevantly, 96% of the survey respondents stated that virtual interviews bettered the recruitment process for candidates. 

The survey respondents were top hiring leaders, spearheading the shift to more agile, inclusive, streamlined hiring processes. 

When a candidate is looking for a new position, they typically have many irons in the fire. Also, they’re likely already working at another job, limiting the time they have to visit your physical location. And interviewing with video calls makes it easier for them to fit your interview in their schedule (which might include other interviews). 

Such flexibility won’t go unnoticed and might put you at the front of the line for a viable candidate. 

Support Candidates and Accept Feedback 

More digitally-focused recruitment processes mean finding ways to add the human touch and support candidates through their experience. 

For instance, use your social media platforms as touchpoints with potential candidates to educate them about your organizational culture and values. Furthermore, offer resources with interview advice and the history of your company. 

Something else to consider is asking for feedback from candidates. Send an email with survey questions, or get someone from HR to call someone who has gone through the entire experience. You can’t improve your processes without knowing what’s going wrong. 

Another way to improve your candidate experience is by contacting an excellent recruiter – such as Ag 1 Source – who specializes in helping hire top talent.