How Can You Match Remote Employees with the Right Manager?

Vaccines are rolling out at a rapid pace. Non-essential businesses are re-opening. Stadiums are filling up, and it looks like the pandemic is in its twilight. If our workforces were to follow suit we could expect that everybody is heading back to the office and the work-from-home trend is a thing of the past. 

Not so fast. 

Sometimes it takes a crisis to show organizations a better way of doing things. Sure, many companies have an office-centric culture, and they’ll be happy to return to business as usual. 

However, these two stats from Findstack show that Pandora’s box has been opened, and some companies won’t be turning back: 

  • 77% of remote workers cite being more productive performing their job from home
  • 85% of managers think remote staffing will become the new norm
  • Many employers decided to go fully remote and save money on rent and cleaning costs

This shift comes with many advantages, but there are also challenges for leadership. 

What Challenges Do Managers Face with the Push Towards Remote Work? 

A primary challenge facing most leadership talent is managing talent that you never meet face-to-face. And since many employers are interviewing and hiring people remotely, this includes talent you might not have even met during the recruitment process. 

There’s something to be said for personal interactions in getting a feel for a talent’s mentality and personality. And while many plusses exist with remote work, replacing in-person interactions is almost impossible. 

What do company leaders do when faced with this type of problem?

A Tool to Help Employers Find the Right Fit 

When you’re hiring remotely, insightfully aligning leadership and talent might seem impossible. Without face-to-face interaction, today’s remote hiring managers and employers are finding a unique workaround to effectively match candidates with a manager who will help them thrive and flourish. It’s all about knowing the best tools to use. 

Many employers are now commonly using behavioral profile questionnaires like PDP Global’s quick, accurate, and reliable behavioral profiling technology to help fill in those remote hiring and managing blindspots.

Why PDP Global’s Behavioral Profiles? 

What makes these PDP’s profiles so reliable? 

Instead of proving a theory, PDP Global bases its research on statistical analysis, linking the behaviors of working professionals to workplace performance. 

Whether you wish to change things up in your organization or learn about remote candidates, PDP’s behavioral profiles give you the insights you need. From there, it’s possible to make informed decisions about talent and the managers with whom they should be paired. 

Behavioral profile technology is helping many employers bridge the remote work gap, giving you a look into who your candidates are without needing to meet them in person. In turn, managers can be matched with employees they can successfully lead, even in a strictly remote setting. 

Behavioral profiles are a reliable method to ensure you’re hiring exceptional talent and aligning them with the right managers. 

But your hiring strategy should be multi-layered. One of those layers should be contacting a recruitment agency – such as AG1 Source – for access to top talent.