Recent Promotions at Ag 1 Source Indicate Big Changes to Come

Recently, Ag 1 Source announced several promotions within our organization to meet the nationwide demand for executive agricultural talent. 

“We are very excited about the recent promotions,” said Mike Smith, President/CEO of Ag 1 Source. “We are always adjusting our focus on managing the existing business, but also preparing for our future business. These changes are part of an ongoing strategy to nurture our visionary resources for our succession planning and to proactively prepare for rapidly changing markets.”

The promotions at Ag 1 Source demonstrate a commitment to support the growing momentum of our focus industries by continuing to lead in sourcing and recruiting of agricultural leadership. 

“We are preparing our firms now for the next 2-3 years,” said Mike Smith. “We will progressively add in new members to our management team. Our goal is to cross-train our team’s management functions to streamline our existing processes and create new growth in a progressive manner.”

The Agricultural Job Market is Poised to Grow More Than Most

The agricultural job market is projected to grow by 6% by 2029 – a level of growth that will likely outperform most other industries thanks to growth in the food sciences industry and the continued advancements in agricultural production methods, techniques, and research.

Factors such as organic farming, fighting climate change, and new technologies (e.g., drones, satellite crop monitoring) will play a crucial role in shaping the sector.

In the same way the Ag industry is constantly reshaping itself to meet market demands, the new promotions at Ag 1 Source will go a long way in keeping ahead of these pending market changes to better serve our clients and talent. 

Preparing for the Future

As the next decade of the Ag industry is poised to see tremendous growth, we realize the need to keep in lockstep with that upward yet unpredictable momentum.

Undoubtedly, these organizational changes are meant to help us perform better today. But, most critically, we’ve placed heightened importance on preparing our firm for the next 2 to 3 years with succession planning.

As we continue to add new members to our management team, we will continue cross-training our current team’s management functions, fine-tuning our current processes in step with the changing market.

Who’s Been Promoted?

  • Ashley Bingham – promoted from Financial Controller to Director of Finance & Accounting.
  • Scott Wedel – Scott will become Director of Operations and will continue to recruit for the Career 1 Source group.
  • Mark Waschek – as Mark continues to recruit in his Team Area of Responsibility and continues to co-lead the Agronomy Group, Mark will become Director of Development, pushing more focus into client development across the organization and managing executive client relationships.
  • Rhonda Werner – in addition to continued recruiting in her South East Agronomy Region, Rhonda will become Agronomy Group Co-Lead, taking over the responsibility of the Eastern 1/3 of the Agronomy Group region while also assisting in overall Agronomy Group functions.

About Ag 1 Source

At Ag 1 Source, our roots were always in agriculture. Ever since our earliest days recruiting for the industry, we’ve been solving for the industry’s largest obstacle – a lack of qualified management-level and executive candidates.

Our solution: to develop a robust network of top leadership and executive talent we’d grown while working alongside leading agricultural organizations. 

As a result, we’ve crafted a system that places top candidates into the right roles based on industry-specific needs at the executive, professional, and CEO levels. 

What Do These Changes Mean for Your Agricultural Business?

These personnel changes within Ag 1 Source prove our commitment to growing our team and developing their skillsets. Such benefits will lead to your organization being sourced with the best possible leadership candidates. 

Contact us today if you’re interested in working with an Agricultural leadership recruiter that’s committed to always improving ourselves, so we can help you thrive most.