How Agricultural Businesses Can Get Better Virtual Interviews

Agriculture has always been a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves industry. So it would seem unlikely the Agricultural industry would easily shift to a virtual space.

While truly “remote” work is not possible for many roles in agriculture, there are many virtual technologies that executives and management-level talent are able to leverage to improve several operations and other business functions.

One distinct change came in the recruitment and interviewing of new talent. Many employers have been taking advantage of the new features and capabilities of advanced communications technologies to hire the best new talent.

The solution lies in virtual interviews.

Virtual Interviews and the Agriculture Industry

In late July, Mark Waschek from Ag 1 Source gave a presentation at a tech conference about how agricultural leadership can fully leverage virtual interviews and hire top-tier executive talent.

One important topic he covered is how virtual hiring and interviews are likely here to stay. Today’s top executive and management-level talent have recognized how convenient and valuable virtually recruiting and interviewing is. They will expect potential employers to cater to those needs and preferences. 

After all, why should anyone travel for an interview when it can be done from the comfort of their home?

When you give candidates the virtual interview option, it proves you value their time and money by saving them both. Additionally, a process of successful and easy virtual interviewing demonstrates a technological aptitude many candidates are looking for in their employers. 

Getting Better Virtual Interviews

While remote interviews are a huge boon to the industry, you don’t want to oversaturate recruitment with poor candidates.

That is why at Ag1 Source, we are combining the virtual interview process with our tried-and-true recruitment strategy of cultivating our network connections while keeping candidates informed and engaged throughout the recruitment process. 

This is especially crucial when reaching out to younger talent that is rapidly replacing the more seasoned talent in the industry. More than ever, only the Agricultural companies with a finely-tuned virtual recruitment process will attract this critical age group.

Update Your Recruiting and Hiring Strategy with Ag1 Source

Finding qualified executive, management-level, and professional talent in the Agriculture industry is more challenging than ever. When you partner with Ag1 Source, we can give you a leg up in leveraging virtual interviews to hire the very best. Contact us today to find out more.