The 4 Top Leading Ag Recruitment Trends for 2022

Hiring the best executive level and C-Suite talent in agriculture begins with knowing what today’s candidates are looking for. Shaped by recent events, many of today’s best executives are quite different from years past. They’re younger, more tech-savvy, and they’re looking to disrupt the Ag industry with higher competition and more diversity.

Your recruiting strategy begins with knowing what motivates today’s Ag executives and C-Suite candidates. Here is a list of some of the most prominent Ag recruitment trends in 2022.

Ag Executives Want to Put Their Tech-Expertise to Good Use

Today’s Ag executives are more technologically savvy than ever. They’re plugged into everything from social media to what’s trending on the latest online news. In fact, research shows that most Ag executives use four or more forms of technology on a regular basis.

As the agriculture industry continues to be radically transformed by high-tech innovations, the most forward-thinking executives know their aptitude for technology will set them apart in a highly competitive market. And once recruited, they’ll want to put their tech expertise to good use. 

More Flexibility

The days of everyone being tied to an office and present by 8:00 am are long gone, and most modern executives expect to work remotely or at least have a flex-time schedule.

Ag has never had more capability to meet the need for flexibility or help executives create a better work/life balance. Whether that’s flexible schedules or remote work options, the traditionally hands-on roles of Agriculture’s executive-level or C-Suite, are finding a way to attract better candidates with flexible work options.

Another significant benefit of Ag executives working remotely is that it opens up your Ag recruitment pool to include people you would never have previously considered. For years, location has been a persistent roadblock to hiring talent, especially in Ag, where many corporations are located in rural, sparsely populated areas. Remote working opens the door to recruiting nationwide and, in some cases, internationally. It’s incredible to imagine what a shot-in-the-arm this could be for corporations looking to recruit the best talent in the industry. 

Today’s Ag Executives Want to Disrupt the Industry

Fewer, bigger companies are consolidating American industries. And the Agriculture industry has been significantly impacted by the growing consolidation trends.

Compared to 20 years ago, 75% more of U.S. industries are controlled by a smaller number of large companies—one of the most impacted industries being Agriculture. The majority of today’s Ag executives want to change this trend and drive more competition and growth in the industry. 

Smaller Ag companies have a distinct advantage here. They’re seen as the answer to consolidation that has stifled innovation and cut the development of new businesses by nearly 50% since 1970. As a result, Ag executives today are looking to align themselves with companies that could buck this trend.

Even companies that adopt a culture of disruption will have better success recruiting. Highlighting a dynamic and progressive work culture is a good indication your business is not only prepared to navigate an uncertain future, but can be a leader in growing and creating more competition within the Ag industry.

Diversity and Ag Recruitment

Today’s executives believe a more diverse workforce can answer many of the challenges facing agriculture. Whether that’s different perspectives or a greater variety of life experiences, companies with a more diverse workforce are seen as more capable of coming together and solving persistent challenges or developing new and better ways of working. 

Today’s Ag executives believe fostering a more diverse workforce is not just the right thing for a business to do but is on a par with raising production, profits, or growing the business. In many cases, Ag executives who have the most sought-after skills and experience are looking for positions in companies that align with their values.

The Ag industry has never been more diverse than it is today, but it still has a long way to go. And Ag executives in 2022 are looking for companies who can demonstrate a clear commitment to diversity and lifting and supporting underrepresented workers.

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