The Future of Ag—AI in Agriculture

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the agriculture industry has been transformed almost entirely. Many sectors within Ag are unrecognizable from what they were just 25 years ago.

But it’s going to become even more high-tech in the near future – and not a moment too soon since, by 2050, it is projected that food production will have to increase by 60% to feed an additional two billion people! As a result, Ag businesses will have to do a lot more with a lot less, and many are turning to artificial intelligence (AI) to create smarter, more efficient industry practices.

Our team at Ag 1 Source has been working with several corporations looking to grow their company and expand their market share by recruiting tech-savvy executive and c-suite professionals. After all, they’re the leaders who will drive innovation in the industry and capture the market share of tomorrow.

Here are some of the top needs driving the most innovative and dynamic companies to recruit for more AI in agriculture.

How AI in Agriculture Can Help

AI is changing how Ag businesses operate, from retail to biotechnology and venture capital. With AI, a corporation can explore vast new opportunities. For example, crop and food producers can produce more food in a shorter time, using fewer resources. Likewise, corporations in Ag’s biotechnology sector will be able to speed up and streamline discovery and development exponentially.

More than ever, AI is becoming a competitive advantage in Ag, with many corporations already investing millions of dollars into intelligent technologies.

To get that competitive edge and stay ahead of competitors, corporations require leaders and experts who understand the importance of AI in Agriculture and can manage it properly.

Agriculture is rich with data, but it is challenging to analyze due to its real-world complexity. Advancements in AI can help transform the industry by providing everything from extensive data insight to predictive analytics.

The Future of Ag Is All About Smart Decisions

Perhaps the most effective strategy that agriculture companies will use to be more competitive is intelligent decision-making.

It can be nearly impossible for any company to keep up with all the new information in their industry. Yet every company wants to predict what’s coming next, especially in agriculture. 

Predictive analytics, for example, will allow companies to make more accurate predictions about their markets and their customers. AI is the tool that will enable companies to make better decisions faster. By integrating data and machine learning techniques, AI can help corporations navigate a complicated world and make better predictions.

Traditional Ag Business Leadership with a High-Tech Mindset 

Ag corporations are still looking to fill roles like Chief Executive Officers or Chief Operations Officers with candidates with demonstrable expertise and a unique sphere of influence. But recruiting efforts are pivoting towards attracting those executive and C-Suite leaders who are not only familiar with new and evolving technologies, but who have a high-tech mindset. 

Often, skepticism or hesitations to adopt new technologies, rather than a lack of knowledge, are the biggest roadblocks to taking advantage of the numerous applications of AI in Agriculture – many of which are yet to be seen. 

This is especially true if you consider that very few executive-level recruits will be in a hands-on capacity with AI and the systems that leverage it to expand or grow their company. But many Ag corporations have witnessed how innovation is typically fostered from the top down. So while candidates may only have a peripheral familiarity with AI, their buy-in and enthusiasm to find new ways of working and new ways of using data to advance the business is the crucial element to success in the future.

Does Your Company Want More AI in Agriculture?

Recruiting with a focus on technology such as AI is more than staking your claim on future markets. It’s about building a strategy for success right now.

That’s why Ag 1 Source is especially keen on sourcing and recruiting executives and C-Suite talent who can champion new technologies such as AI to build better, more innovative companies. 

If you’re like most organizations in Ag, you need candidates who can foster a high-tech culture. Contact us today to discover more about how we can help your company navigate the changing landscape of agriculture and grow with technologies like AI.