Good News for Ag Professionals Frustrated by Low Wages

Chances are, you aren’t earning enough. 

Statistically speaking, the vast majority of executives and professionals are struggling with persistently low wages. In 2021 alone, 65% of professionals leaving their jobs cited low wages as the leading cause given for moving on. And that’s only taking into account the percentage of professionals who were fed up enough to transition workplaces. It’s not hard to imagine the number of professionals who are actually struggling with low wages is much higher than 65%.  

At last, we have a bit of refreshing news for our agriculture professionals—the wait is over. 

Read on to learn about how persistently low wages have created new movement across the country’s professional workforce. It’s creating new exciting opportunities in the Ag industry. 

Considering Moving On? Think About This 

Should I stay? Or should I go?  

That seems to be the question many professionals are struggling with—to stay with the devil you know or go with the devil you don’t. Without a strong value proposition, it can be hard to know. As we mentioned, 65% of workers chose to go with the latter. And here’s what they found on the other side: 

The majority of workers who changed jobs in 2021 see their current work situation as an improvement from their former job: 

  • 53% are having an easier time balancing work and family responsibilities and have more flexibility to choose when they put in their work hours 
  • 53% feel they have increased their opportunities for advancement in the new position 
  • 56% of these professionals and executives report earning higher wages in their new role 

This is coming as welcome news to the many frustrated executives who are on the fence about moving on. It’s news that has a lot of people fed up waiting for the merit increase they deserve. 

Too Little Too Late? Employers Struggle To Address Persistent Low Wages  

Employers are beginning to get the message and they’re making efforts to raise wages—kind of.  

This last year, median wages for professionals rose 5.6%. But it’s a move that has failed to impress the majority of workers. Many professionals are very aware of how recent inflation has raised the consumer price index (CPI) to 8.5%. Under normal circumstances, what might come as good news of a 5.6% pay increase, many are seeing as a 3% pay cut 

Exacerbating frustration over low wages is the common knowledge that many employers habitually allocate more budget funds to attract new talent. That means they could be offering higher wages and better benefits to new and untested talent rather than awarding their loyal employees the merit increases they’ve proven they deserve.  

This explains why many professionals and executives are fed up. And rather than pestering their boss or board for a raise, they’re taking matters into their own hands. 

Where Once Was Frustration, Now Are Brighter Horizons 

Many employers are making it harder for their employees to stay at their old jobs. In doing so, they’re making it easier for them to jump ship.  

The competition for talent is real. Employers are fighting harder than ever to attract professional and executive talent. If you’re considering leaving your current role, you could secure higher wages, higher signing bonuses, better benefits, and better perks. 

If this sounds like your current situation, we highly recommend getting in touch with our Ag recruiters. We can be your advocate in a competitive job market and help you to find the career and the salary that you deserve.