How Does Ag 1 Work?

Recently we posted an article about our recruiting strategy we call C.O.B.S., our simple rule for building the excitement that can help a potential recruit make the jump from their current role.

While this is a critical component of our recruiting strategy, it’s only a small part of how we work to bring our clients and candidates success.

We’ve heard from many hiring managers and professional recruiters who’ve been curious to learn more about how Ag 1 has built a recruiting strategy that truly works for them. Read on to learn how our recruiting strategy has built Ag 1 as the premier recruiting agency for professional and executive talent in agriculture.

Our Proven Strategy for Unique Connections in Agriculture

Have you heard about “passive recruiting?” Don’t be misled by the name. There’s nothing passive about passive recruiting. Like much of recruiting for ag, it’s all about the candidate.

Essentially there are two types of candidates:

  • Active Candidates: These are job seekers who are “actively” searching for a new role.
  • Passive Candidates: They might not even know they’re candidates yet. They’re currently in a role, not actively looking for a change, but may be open to possibilities.

While Ag 1 frequently recruits active candidates, by far, we spend most of our time identifying and nurturing the passive candidates.



Every business has unique goals for recruiting. But our caliber of clients and the roles they’re looking to fill, our passive recruiting strategy is best for:

  • Identifying ideal candidates with an intuition for narrowing the field to the one right candidate
  • Thoroughly vetting a candidate’s potential with current metrics
  • Guiding the process with just enough “sizzle” but without scaring away the recruit

Resume Tips That Help Candidates and Hiring Managers

Writing a resume can be an intimidating process. That’s especially true if you’re a professional or an executive who shouldn’t have an ounce of fat on their resume. You want only the good stuff that effectively showcases your accomplishments and presents your value up front and with clarity.

When you want to write the best resume for a specific role in ag, you need the help of a professional recruiter who can help you tailor your content to make an impact and leave a positive lasting impression.

For candidates

That means knowing everything there is to know about their prospective employer, from:

  • Their work culture to their healthcare benefits
  • The keywords they’re looking for on a resume
  • The experience or skills that are most likely to make a good impression

For hiring managers

We know you’re busy and don’t have time to read a novel to get to know your next recruit. By working closely with our candidates, we can help them deliver a resume that:

  • Is easy to understand
  • Doesn’t inflate their experience or skills
  • Provides a great snapshot of their personality and future goals
  • Shows their accomplishments, not just a job description

By working closely with our candidates, we can help them create resumes that do more heavy lifting in raw data, freeing everyone up for better interviews.

When interviews can be more of a conversation rather than a hard fact-finding mission, both candidates and hiring managers will get a better feel for one another and a better sense of the “fit” between the candidate and the role.

Prepping for the Interviewing Process

To echo that last point: An interview shouldn’t be an interrogation. We help candidates and hiring managers to conduct interviews in a sweet spot wherein the burden of data and facts per the role and the candidate have been covered during the vetting process.

But for every interview, there are going to be unknowns. And as professional recruiters, we’ve developed a strategy for helping everyone come to the table with their priorities straight. For candidates, we help them come up with the most pressing questions that lead to a deeper, more meaningful conversation. And for hiring managers, we help them define their employee value proposition so the candidate has a clearer picture of their prospects in the role.

While a conversation can go in many different directions, having a seasoned professional facilitate the discussion to help everyone stay on track and cover everything they need to know.

After the Placement

Many of our clients love to work with us because we can ensure a higher degree of success in our professional and executive placements. That peace of mind often doesn’t come from lip service.

To feel secure and confident in the recruiting process, our candidates and the success of the recruit, takes more than a great facilitator. It takes a partner who’s committed to owning every step of the recruiting process—even after the placement has been made.

Ag 1 Source is committed to following up with our clients to ensure the recruit is going well and meeting their expectations. We’ve built our business on repeat placements and the trust that comes with years of thorough, end-to-end service.

Every Candidate Is Different. How Does Ag 1 Work For You?

Just like every candidate is different, we know there are no two recruiting processes that are the same. How can we help you build a recruiting process that works for you?

Contact Ag 1 Source today and learn more about our entire recruiting process—from identifying and recruiting passive candidates to following up to ensure solid placements. Contact us today.