The Right Ag Career for You

There is nothing simple about matching executive and professional talent with the right ag career. The careers in agriculture are as varied as those who work them. It’s not just about identifying the right elements between the role, the employer, and the candidate that indicates a good match: It’s about knowing how placing the right candidate in the right role has the capacity to change the agriculture industry.   

To make this kind of connection, your recruiter needs to know everything from your goals to your ideal future, your skills, and where you want to live. But as recruiters, we can only know you as well as you know yourself.  

This blog is about the top questions you need to ask yourself—the questions that will help us get to the root of your job search, what makes not just a good fit for your ag career, but a great fit. 

3 Questions to Help You Determine Which Ag Career Is Right for You 

What Do You Want to Accomplish? 

We can assume, like anyone else looking for an ideal career, you want to be happy, successful, and fulfilled in the ag industry. You’re not just interested in a job that pays the bills or helps to advance your career. Maybe you are looking for a job that takes your company in new, more profitable directions—a direction you might end up enjoying. 

Where Do You Want to Go?

One important thing about agriculture — it’s an industry where the lines between the professional and personal are often blurred. You may be living among the communities with whom you serve and work. Or maybe you don’t care where you live, and your top priority is to balance a demanding role with your family commitments. Knowing which ag career to choose may mean knowing what’s most important for your future.   

How Do You Want to Help Others?  

Whatever career in ag you choose, they all share a common theme: Your success comes from knowing what it is that can make others successful, happier, or more profitable and helping them achieve that goal. 

The best way to develop this singular talent is to keep perspective of what you’re passionate about in ag and understand how that fits into the bigger picture. If you love making sales and closing deals, for example, that’s a good start. But there are several directions your attraction to sales in ag could lead. 

If you prefer sales with a start-up mentality, working to build your annual revenue by growing your contacts and getting out into the field and closing more deals, it will be critical to know how you can best serve your clients to make their business run better and more profitably. However, if you’d prefer to lead a team in sales, understanding and providing what motivates and inspires your sales leads will be a critical strategy.   

Choosing Between the Professional-Level or the C-Suite 

Ag needs skilled professionals and top executives like never before. But how can you tell if you’re best suited for a professional-level or an executive role? Of course, if you’re considering C-Suite roles, there are very clear requirements for education, experience and other hard skills. Depending on which executive role you may have in your sights, understand that you’ll need to adequately demonstrate your history of driving profits, growing the business, or leading and managing a workforce.  

On the other hand, many people are looking for professional-level roles for a variety of alternate reasons. If you’re passionate about developing your personal skills, growing your experience in the industry, and proving you can help your company become more profitable, you may be best suited for a variety of professional-level roles. 

Putting aside your skills, work history, and level of education, your prospective employer’s top priority is to make a hire that will benefit their business. So, while it’s important to be truthful and upfront about your hard skills, it is perhaps most critical to demonstrate how you were a critical contributor to the success of your previous employers and how, if hired, you can replicate the same results in your future role.  

Contact Ag 1 to Find the Right Ag Career for You 

Maybe you might not be sure what “the best career” is. Sometimes it takes an expert to get to the bottom of what you’re looking for.  

A good place to start is to contact us or check out our open roles. We can help you figure out which ag career is right for you. Contact Ag 1 Source today.