A day in the life of recruiters at Ag 1 Source

A Day in the life of recruiters at Ag 1 Source

by: Beth Rachut

As freezing rain currently spits from the sky, I’m sitting in my comfy work chair in my spare bedroom, happy I don’t have to make a commute to an office today. You see, I spend my workdays in my office right outside the living room in my house working as an Agricultural Recruiter. I get the opportunity to connect with likeminded ag people on a daily basis; and help them pave the way to their next career adventure.

I’ve made connections with the candidates I’ve had the privilege of talking to all around the nation. Some of them I can honestly call my friends. Visiting with a gal in crop protection sales in Michigan that wants to move closer to the family farm in Wisconsin tugs at my heart strings, being a farm girl myself. I also fondly remember talking to a man in Iowa who looked like a job hopper on paper but was following his wife while she went to vet school and through several stair steps in her career. He was a solid candidate with good agronomic experiences, but it didn’t look that way without hearing the backstory. Helping candidates such as these examples are exactly the reasons why we all enjoy connecting with people here.

From a recent statistic I saw from CNBC, 60% of Americans want to advance their career but are hampered by lack of time. I get it. It takes a lot of time to search for positions and then possibly find out it’s not the right fit after a significant amount of time invested. Recruiters might be the best networkers ever, conversing with people and connecting with their recommendations as well. We can shrink the time window needed to find that next career move and let’s not forget our ability to spiffy up your resume and fast track you to the right people to land an interview quickly.

We are all great people here at Ag 1 Source, the kind that can talk to anyone, anytime. You know those types that talk to strangers in elevators and airports? Yeah, that’s us. And the greatest part about visiting with any of the recruiters here is that you have our complete and sincere trust. Our conversations with you are always completely confidential. Based on one of the four pillars of our success here at Ag 1 Source, our founder Mike Smith has instilled in us all the importance of integrity and gaining trust in any individual who we have the honor of speaking to.

My coworkers are housed in 11 different states, but I see them frequently through Teams calls and still get the chance to razz them about the recent Kansas basketball game loss. Connecting with some of the most professional, yet entertaining coworkers ever doesn’t need to be local or even regional. My coworkers are all equally passionate about helping their candidates and doing so with the utmost sincerity.
I really can’t beat the work life balance here at Ag 1 Source. No worries when I need to run to town to pick up a sick child from school. No downtime either as I can still work from home with said sick child. And married to a farmer, there’s been a time or two I’ve been quickly called out to open the gate to the cattle lot and no worries as I’m living the life that connects me with the people I get to talk to every day.

My coworkers and I also work with clients around the globe. We fill in the gaps for their job searches that might be confidential, rushed or maybe they don’t even have an HR department and even know how to find the right candidates.

No two days are the same and I loved the fast-paced atmosphere. This remote work thing is the real deal! And the best part of it all, I can watch my kids get off the bus right out my office window, while wrapping up a productive day with interruptions only when I want them.