Spring into Action with Hiring

Spring into Action with Hiring

Although spring is a very busy time of year for the agriculture industry, fall and the end of the year will be here before we know it. That means it’s essential to start planning now for your business and its hiring and personnel needs. Although you may not want to add one more thing to your plate (like interviewing and hiring a new employee), now is the time to connect with a recruiter so they can begin helping you find the right people to fill any openings.

Why Get a Jump Start?

Finding top-notch talent—which of course, every business wants—takes time. It takes time for recruiters to have the necessary conversations with the right people and for those candidates to make the decision to begin the interviewing process.

Logistically, it’s easier for candidates to make a career move in the summer than at any other time of the year. If relocation is required, moving and changing schools for kids is easier during the summer than once school starts and cooler weather arrives. While it can be challenging to work around summer vacations for interviewing, planning allows everyone on the interview team (and the candidate) to know what’s coming.

Having the right team in place before the busy fall season starts is also more beneficial to your customers and clients. Your new employee has already been onboarded and is ready to hit the ground running during the hectic harvest season.

Assess Your Team

Spring is an ideal time to assess the team and what moves the business needs to make in the later half of the year. What needs to happen? Does your team have enough people? Are there any holes on your team? Is anyone looking to retire at the end of the year? Do you need to hire a candidate who brings a book of business with them, has more experience, or a better attitude?

If there’s an outgoing retiree, you can make the transition so much more fluid by communicating that to the recruiter so they can begin finding the right person to fill that gap. It would be ideal for a candidate to start before the retiring employee finishes up, so the retiring employee can train their replacement.

If your team is needing to spring into preparing for fall and end of the year team personnel adjustments, reach out to Ag1Source to get the conversations started now.