Handling a Delayed Start Date

So you landed that dream job of yours, AMAZING! But…. You have a hiccup and need to delay your start date. Now what? Does this make you look uninterested? Unprofessional? Unprepared?

Delays happen more often than you think in starting a new position. The multitude of reasons is from a bigger pool of reasonable reasons than you might think. While we don’t advocate for a delayed start without a legitimate reason, we know it can happen occasionally and can help you navigate through a carefully crafted start to your new career with a little preparation and good communication.

Example 1:

You’ve landed your new job in sales and they want you to start May 1. Your situation is that your bonus from your current job is handed out on June 1.

Example 2:

You’ve landed your new job in banking starting May 1 and it requires relocation across the state. Your situation is that your children wrap up school around June 1 and you don’t want to move them from one school district to another at the end of the year.

Example 3:

You’ve landed your new job as a controller starting November 15. Your situation is that you’ve hit your deductible for your family’s health insurance plan and the new job will have a new insurance plan with a new deductible starting over.


All realistic examples of why you may want to delay your start date. All are also good examples of why you’d want to communicate your needs to your recruiter during the process and not after! Communication and planning are key to helping you transition smoothly from one career to another.  We may work with our clients to keep them engaged during this process as well. (https://www.ag1source.com/2023/03/29/keeping-candidates-engaged-during-a-delayed-start/)

There may be situations when you need to craft your resignation carefully and in a timely manner, even for some of the situations above. You may not want to leave your current customers hanging during a busy season and that’s a real and trustworthy reason to question your official start date. You are in luck because we have been down this path before and can guide you through these situations with ease.

What can you expect during your delay? At Ag1 Source, you can expect the recruiters to keep in contact with you throughout the process, during delays and even after you start your new position. It’s part of our mantra to keep you informed, confident in your choice and make sure your decision is the right one, no matter the amount of time it takes. You will visit with both your Ag1Source recruiter and also your new employer on a weekly basis during the delay, so everyone stays engaged. Let us help you bridge the gap between old and new flawlessly.