Why Have a Conversation with a Recruiter?

As we welcome another unofficial start to the summer with Memorial Day, it’s a good time to think about the relationship you have with your Ag 1 Source recruiter.  From personal experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge on many topics, we genuinely care about your future and are here to help you reach your goals.

  • We can help you be prepared for your next big career move, even if the opportunity is not currently available. We can guide you through getting your application materials prepared ahead of time and not have to rush when an opening pops up and you are in-season and have zero extra time. We can listen and advise you on positions that fit your experience and your desire to move up in your industry. Make your connection early.
  • Having a confidential discussion with us will be beneficial to exclusive positions that could never be posted on a job board or LinkedIn. Many times, we hear about industry happenings before it even hits the media, if at all. We may know about those anticipated teams building new positions in the biological sector that you’ve always dreamed of being a part of. Trust our knowledge of the industry and use it to your advantage. Every conversation with us is confidential, every time.
  • We won’t call you with every opportunity within a 500-mile radius of your house. If you’ve taken the time to visit with your recruiter, we know your desires to work in a position in leadership that still allows you to live close to the farm. We will only reach out to you when there is an opportunity that matches your wishes.
  • We are awesome networkers in general. We connect with ag professionals day in and day out and can give advice, discuss personal growth goals, guide you to beneficial connections, and honestly, enjoy visiting with each other on our mutual love of ag.

Always happy to talk with you or others that you may know in the industry who may be pondering a career move.  We also offer a nice referral bonus to those who refer individuals to us that we can place in their next career move.

Reach out today if you are interested in talking further or fill out this form and the recruiter who best matches your geographical location and industry will reach out.