Finding Candidates That Fit into the Company Culture

Choosing the right candidate for a role is no small task. It requires hours of thinking, planning, collaborating, and engaging with potential candidates to find the best fit. However, there’s one key thing your organization has that can’t be found anywhere else—internal culture.
Culture is incredibly important to any group or organization, regardless of industry or company, according to Mark Waschek, President, Ag1Source.

“A person can have all the right skills, experience and talent, but if they don’t align with the people they’re working with, working for, or leading, they will never be successful,” he says. “Culture is the most easily overlooked component of hiring, because it’s the most difficult to figure out.”

When you find employees who are a good fit for the company culture, it can have a major impact. Collaboration will be enhanced, productivity will be boosted, and employees will stay with the company longer.

Assessments can determine a candidate’s leadership style, you can review resumes and ask questions to determine skills and abilities, but culture is a much harder nut to crack. Determining what a company’s culture looks like requires the hiring team to discuss thorny topics, such as what works well within the organization—and more importantly, what needs to change within the organization?

Drilling deep to determine if a candidate will fit in the company culture requires asking good questions of both the hiring team and potential candidates about:

• The work environment
• What they want the work environment to look like in the future
• Right type of work environment for a potential candidate
• How employee success is celebrated
• How managers motivate the team if they’ve failed to achieve their targets
• How do teams lead, motivate each other and work together
• Work/life balance (for the role and company as a whole)
• Supervisor’s leadership style

How those questions are answered can tell you what motivates a candidate and whether they would be a good culture fit for your team and company.

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