Established in December of 2022, in order to coincide with the Ag 1 Source 20th Anniversary and retirement of Mike Smith, we’ve started this foundation, to be directed by Mike Smith.  The desire is to have board members added as the foundation grows.

We are currently in the stage of actively seeking individual contributors and industry partners.

Our Purpose:

1 – Support

We want to support young entrepreneurs in the broader agriculture community through sponsorships and scholarships.

2 – Partner

We look to partner with Ag-focused universities and industry partners to help young entrepreneurs launch their ideas.

3 – Grow

Our target is to grow the awareness of the expanding need for entrepreneurial talent and support within the ag industry and our educational systems.

Update as of March 2023 – We have a round of initial funding and Mike Smith is networking with various individuals and association to partner with to dig deeper into what form of scholarship or sponsorship to target, what means of contest or application and with what schools or other companies will we partner.  Our initial ideas center around a “shark tank” type business concept to provide funding for those chosen to help get their ideas and businesses off the ground.

For more information regarding your potential interest in participating in the Ag 1 Source Foundation, please message Mike Smith HERE.