Updating Your Candidate Experience, For Success

Hiring Managers – if you had an opportunity to hire a select candidate that you’d been keeping your eye on for a while, what would your pitch be?  This is your value proposition. Are you ready to tell your story? You might be thinking, “Wait, I’m the employer. Why do I need a value proposition?… Read more »

New Trends for Salary and Benefits in Agriculture

These days, there are frequent headlines that describe jaw-dropping dollar figures on what employers are willing to pay to attract and hire employees. Many of us might disregard those headlines because we think they only apply to the service industry. But there is overwhelming evidence that the trends we’re seeing are affecting the C-Suite and… Read more »

Cheers to New Biofuels! How Innovation in Brewing is Creating New Avenues to Fuel Production

For years, beer has brought people together. Thanks to recent innovations and new technologies in industries ranging from fuel production to food production & nutrition, beer is bringing even more people together in new ways never imagined. Several companies have discovered vital solutions to the wasteful bi-products of the brewing process. Now, instead of heading… Read more »

How Agricultural Businesses Can Get Better Virtual Interviews

Virtual Interviews in Agribusiness - Ag 1 Source

Agriculture has always been a hands-on, roll-up-your-sleeves industry. So it would seem unlikely the Agricultural industry would easily shift to a virtual space. While truly “remote” work is not possible for many roles in agriculture, there are many virtual technologies that executives and management-level talent are able to leverage to improve several operations and other… Read more »

Recent Promotions at Ag 1 Source Indicate Big Changes to Come

Recently, Ag 1 Source announced several promotions within our organization to meet the nationwide demand for executive agricultural talent.  “We are very excited about the recent promotions,” said Mike Smith, President/CEO of Ag 1 Source. “We are always adjusting our focus on managing the existing business, but also preparing for our future business. These changes are… Read more »

Executive Search in Today’s Agriculture Industries

There are not many agricultural companies that will dispute how our industry is short on qualified candidates right now. The interesting thing is, this was all very predictable. By education, I am an economist. The shortage of qualified talent is a simple matter of supply and demand. Both sides of the equation are working against… Read more »