Recent Promotions at Ag 1 Source Indicate Big Changes to Come

Recently, Ag 1 Source announced several promotions within our organization to meet the nationwide demand for executive agricultural talent.  “We are very excited about the recent promotions,” said Mike Smith, President/CEO of Ag 1 Source. “We are always adjusting our focus on managing the existing business, but also preparing for our future business. These changes are… Read more »

Executive Search in Today’s Agriculture Industries

There are not many agricultural companies that will dispute how our industry is short on qualified candidates right now. The interesting thing is, this was all very predictable. By education, I am an economist. The shortage of qualified talent is a simple matter of supply and demand. Both sides of the equation are working against… Read more »

2021 and the Candidate Experience: Is Yours Good Enough?

Within the past few decades (give or take), there’s been a shift in how employees view their employers.  It used to be that the employers held ALL the power. And while that notion still has truth in some situations, the balance has shifted more in favor of employees. Even since 2010, there has been a… Read more »

Innovative Farming Creates a Shift in Demands for Agriculture’s Leadership

When most people hear “farming,” their minds may not initially veer toward innovation and the future.  In fairness, the practice of farming is about as old as time. However, the reason for this lasting power is due to its penchant for incredible adaptation and ingenuity. At no other time is that notion more evident than… Read more »

4 Actionable Tips to Support Your Teams This Year

When trying to sum up what 2020 did to businesses, the term “tumultuous” doesn’t seem to do the year justice. How else can you sum up how so many events, packed into such a short time, could completely change the employment landscape for possibly every American employer?  While bottom lines and productivity rates will always… Read more »

Promoting Diversity and Inclusion in Your Workplace

Attracting and retaining diverse leadership in agriculture

Tomorrow’s top executive, leadership, and management talent in agriculture are in short supply. In today’s candidate-driven market, the top talent is looking for companies who’ve taken a proactive approach to create a welcoming, inclusive culture.  This blog will serve as a guide to organizations looking for actionable, effective ways to promote and foster a truly… Read more »

10 Ways to Enhance Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Top Talent Post-COVID

Ag1_Blogs 10 Ways to Enhand Employer Brand

Good news: the employment landscape for agricultural employers looks almost nothing like it did this time last year. As the recession ends and businesses are reopening, many employers are finding it difficult to attract and retain the best talent in a post-COVID market. The well-documented challenges specific to agricultural employers have been problematic for years.… Read more »

Best Reads from 2020: Improving the Hiring Process


As the year wraps up, let’s revisit the content our readers found the most helpful in 2020. This year has certainly been full of unique challenges. However, organizations have found ways to meet the challenges prevented by Covid-19 and working remotely. Our most read articles from the past year show that the biggest challenges for… Read more »