Is Your 401(k) Match Competitive?

401(k) Match Blog Graphic that showcases a pink piggy bank next to a stack of coins.

There’s been a lot of talk about how today’s candidates are only focused on their base pay. While base pay is a primary concern of the executive and professional-level talent we recruit—and for a good reason—it isn’t the only negotiating point on the table.    We’ve heard from many candidates who are focused on saving their… Read more »

Bridging the Gap: Recruiting Young Professionals and College Students to the Agriculture Industry

Photo of 2 hiring managers sitting across from a young woman during an interview.

The world needs young people interested in science, research, and agriculture if it is to have a stable food supply in the future. But, unfortunately, agriculture is rarely at the top of the list of appealing employment opportunities for young adults in an increasingly urbanized world. Yet, there is ample opportunity for young professionals to… Read more »

10 Ways to Enhance Employer Brand to Attract and Retain Top Talent Post-COVID

Ag1_Blogs 10 Ways to Enhand Employer Brand

Good news: the employment landscape for agricultural employers looks almost nothing like it did this time last year. As the recession ends and businesses are reopening, many employers are finding it difficult to attract and retain the best talent in a post-COVID market. The well-documented challenges specific to agricultural employers have been problematic for years.… Read more »

Keeping Promises During the Interview Process


By Rhonda Werner, Recruiting Consultant – Partner Candidate:  “Wow, I really thought we’d have heard from X company by now. They said they would get back to me by Tuesday and it’s now Friday.” Recruiter:  “I know. I’ve left them two voicemails and an email and still haven’t heard a peep.” Candidate:  “If this is… Read more »

Advantages of Using a Recruitment Agency

Recruitment Agency

By Rhonda Werner, Recruiting Consultant – Partner Partnering with a recruitment agency has far more benefits than what you may see on the surface, which is traditionally just someone to fill their open or hard to fill positions. There are many more benefits of using a recruitment firm than just “find us a person.” Time… Read more »

Hiring in 2021 will Include Beneficial Workplace Changes


By Alexis Stiebe Due to stay-at-home orders and online schooling, the workplace took some interesting turns in 2020. These challenges not only affected our own office but also changed the hiring landscape. The recruiters at Ag 1 Source took on many new challenges this year and learned that challenges are an opportunity. We are hoping… Read more »