Ag Sales and Growing Challenges in the Grain Industry

Like in so many other industries, the ag and grain industry has seen its fair share of obstacles in the past few years.   From the pandemic and supply chain issues to the talent shortage, organizations across the ag industry have been hard-pressed to lead their organization successfully through a clouded future.    In light of the… Read more »

The Right Ag Career for You

There is nothing simple about matching executive and professional talent with the right ag career. The careers in agriculture are as varied as those who work them. It’s not just about identifying the right elements between the role, the employer, and the candidate that indicates a good match: It’s about knowing how placing the right… Read more »

Is The Ag Industry Talent Shortage Over?

For more than the past few years, before COVID even started, hiring managers across the ag industry have been wanting to know if there will ever be relief from the growing talent shortage. We have some good news. Relief may be on the horizon.   In just the past six months, we’ve seen the number of… Read more »

How Does Ag 1 Work?

Recently we posted an article about our recruiting strategy we call C.O.B.S., our simple rule for building the excitement that can help a potential recruit make the jump from their current role. While this is a critical component of our recruiting strategy, it’s only a small part of how we work to bring our clients… Read more »

Why Your Recruiting Strategy Should Include Passive Candidates

Recruiting the right executives and professionals is one of the most critical tasks for any company. But it can also be one of the most daunting tasks in agriculture. It’s no wonder when the typical in-house recruiting strategy is: Filling the slate of candidates via posting the job opening Sorting, screening, and interviewing applicants Narrowing… Read more »

The Need for the Right Education in Ag

Is college really worth it?  It’s hard to believe we’d ever have this conversation about such a long-standing institution and essential component to our professional careers. But, thanks to the rising cost of college and student debt, many students and their parents are taking a hard look at whether a college education is truly worth… Read more »

Retention & Recruiting solved: Your Employee Value Proposition

These days are hard on hiring managers. If you are a hiring manager, you’ve probably been struggling with historically low unemployment rates, combined with the need to find just the right candidate when the supply of workers is almost non-existent. Recruiting can be an extremely stressful and time-consuming process. You need more than one solution.… Read more »