How to lose a professional or executive recruit

Recently, we’ve noticed a concerning trend in the Ag industry—an unusually high number of executive recruits are turning down offers. Why is this? From our experience, hiring managers in Ag are struggling with a critical element of our very candidate-short job market: that hiring is a 2-way street. Candidates are looking for employers to sell… Read more »

The Future of Ag—AI in Agriculture

Thanks to recent advancements in technology, the agriculture industry has been transformed almost entirely. Many sectors within Ag are unrecognizable from what they were just 25 years ago. But it’s going to become even more high-tech in the near future – and not a moment too soon since, by 2050, it is projected that food… Read more »

The 4 Top Leading Ag Recruitment Trends for 2022

Hiring the best executive level and C-Suite talent in agriculture begins with knowing what today’s candidates are looking for. Shaped by recent events, many of today’s best executives are quite different from years past. They’re younger, more tech-savvy, and they’re looking to disrupt the Ag industry with higher competition and more diversity. Your recruiting strategy… Read more »

The Solution for Renewable Energy in the Dairy Industry

Photo of hands cupping dirt that has a plant growing in the soil and a lightbulb enclosing the plant.

When seeking your next executive leader for your company, it’s crucial to find someone looking towards the agricultural industry’s future. As the Ag industry calls for more focus on clean and renewable energy, companies will need executive leaders to help pivot their business towards the future. Today’s emerging C-suite, business managers, and executives have the… Read more »

Retirement Announcement of Doug Trumble

Agricultural Conference Hall

Please join the Board of Directors and entire staff of Ag 1 Source and Career 1 Source in congratulating Doug Trumble on his retirement effective January 1, 2022. Doug is one of Ag 1 Source’s original employees and has been serving the Grain Industry throughout North America for the past 19 years.  His expertise in… Read more »

How to Ensure Your Resume Comes Across as Accountable

When looking for a new job, one of the most significant factors that come into play is accountability. Any prospective employer will review your work history to determine how reliable you are as an individual. Therefore, when creating your resume, it is important to portray yourself honestly and showcase your reliability to an employer. What… Read more »

Updating Your Candidate Experience, For Success

Hiring Managers – if you had an opportunity to hire a select candidate that you’d been keeping your eye on for a while, what would your pitch be?  This is your value proposition. Are you ready to tell your story? You might be thinking, “Wait, I’m the employer. Why do I need a value proposition?… Read more »