Candidate Assessment Tools

Our current portfolio of assessment tools can help our clients:

  • Identify the ideal characteristics of a top performer as desired by the management team
  • Review and evaluate candidates natural behaviors and how they relate to the role
  • Utilize the assessments with current employees and teams to foster a better environment
  • Aid management in leading individuals in a manner best suited for their style

What Makes People Tick?

ProScan® focuses on strengths and motivators to help employers create an environment that reduces employee stress while improving energy and morale. ProScan is a nonthreatening, quick, easy, and reliable survey tool that is one of the most advanced instruments available. The survey examines combinations of specific traits that affect how the person works most effectively and reacts under stress.

Employee Selection with JobScan

JobScan removes the frustration of hiring by helping organizations better match people to jobs. Using the strengths and styles of successful top performers’ ProScan along with the preferences and input of direct managers’ JDAs (Job Dynamic Analysis), JobModels can be created accurately and used with certainty. Read our latest white paper with a valuable case study!


Screen people, not resumes

Take the guesswork out of hiring.

Learn more about HireVue

Crystal balls don’t work, and hunches aren’t reliable. Hirevue, a video interviewing platform, allows our clients to improve hiring accuracy, while saving time and money. The challenge with a traditional hiring process is that people are who they are, and not what they write. As a result, it’s difficult to truly measure a candidate until you can see them and their responses to your questions. The HirevVue system does exactly that – without the need for travel or time consuming interview schedules. This system gives candidates the opportunity to demonstrate their capabilities and managers the chance to view, narrow down the final contenders and only bring in the top candidates for a final face to face interview.

Organizations use HireVue in two ways.

  1. Live Interview – a live interview between the candidate and multiple hiring managers/interviewers. Do not all have to be at the same location to join in the interview process.
    As with traditional in person interviews, a time and date is determined for the interview to take place. Organizations then interview candidates via webcam from anywhere in the world, as though they were in the same room. Each interview is recorded and allows the interviewer(s) to add notes, rank candidates, and share that interview with others in their organization that may want to see, but couldn’t participate in the live interview. This process is an excellent resource for organizations where time is of the essence, by allowing greater flexibility to connect and without the timing challenges of travel. It also works well for an organization seeking to reduce costs associated with interview travel.
  2. On-demand interview – a video performance profile. Candidates log into the HireVue system where they will be asked a series of pre-selected questions that have not been shared with them prior to logging in. Their response to each of the questions is recorded, and shared with the hiring team upon completion. As with live interviews, viewers have the opportunity to add notes and rank candidates to enhance the overall screening and decision making process. This process is a great tool for an organization seeking a way to improve the candidate screening process, involve busy people in that process, and would like to limit the candidates they need to interview live or in-person.

In addition to the desktop/laptop tools, there are also HireVue apps available to make the process even more seamless for hiring managers or candidates that may need to conduct one of the forms of interviews on a tablet or smart phone.

If you are seeking a tool that will enable you to engage with prospective candidates, enhance your hiring speed, improve your process to screen for high performers or overcome the challenges of busy schedules or remote teams, the HireVue system is a great resource available to all of our clients. Learn more about the HireVue process.

PDP Introductory Service Package

Digging Deeper with PDP from PDP Global on Vimeo.

Let us measure specific employee dynamics with your existing employees/teams benchmark needed behavioral traits for any position type.

For more information regarding our assessment services, please contact the Ag 1 Source team.