Since our inception in 2002, true Executive Search has been a key focus of our business and we’ve seen that demand increase over the last number of years. We have made necessary adjustments to our team to best serve our clients to successfully service and fill those important executive roles.

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A Winning Team

We are an employee-owned firm with a team of executive recruiters that understand the challenges of this industry because we have all worked in it. Its that personal and industry expertise that enables us to collectively recruit high performing leaders throughout the agricultural and food industries, which has established a proven track record of success with all sizes of organizations including start-ups seeking to launch and scale, family-owned businesses, local, regional, and national retail agribusinesses, Fortune 100 companies, and global organization seeking expansion into North America.

Our Unique Approach

The path to leadership is never a straight line. A regional manager in a large company may have the skills and experience to be the CEO in a smaller company, and a VP of sales in a small company could be a regional manger to expand the footprint of a larger company. That’s why we build leadership capacity across all levels of organizations. It’s the connections we make and the relationships we build from sales rep to CEO that enable us to match the right talent for the right role.

The Ag1Source template for success

Evaluate and Interview
Hire and Onboard

Industry Expertise

Our team applies their personal experience to partner with organizations throughout the industry with a primary focus on the following sectors:

  • Agronomy/Grain
  • Livestock/Animal Health
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Grain/Finance
  • Produce/Food
  • AgriBusiness
  • Accounting
  • Banking
  • Insurance
  • Risk Management
  • Transportation/Logistics
  • Food & Food Additives
  • Pet Food
  • Vet Supply
  • Investments/Financial

Roles we place

From C-Suite, VP, and Director, we can handle your various Executive Level talent needs.

Our Record of Success

20+ years in business high % of repeat Business 95% retention rate past first year

Employee Assessment Services

We help organizations make the best hiring decisions by offering the capability to measure traits of both candidates and current employees of your organization. We can deliver insights into how your candidates match the expectations of the position, how they align with other members of the team, and how their supervisor can connect and communicate to maximize their performance.

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