With much of the workforce working from home, face-to-face interviews just aren’t feasible right now. That doesn’t mean your hiring process needs to grind to a halt. We are in a unique position to help you continue your search for top talent. Our nationwide network of recruiters uses two distinct, online strategies to achieve this goal.

Video Interviewing

HireVue is a powerful video interviewing tool that can easily take the place of traditional, in-person interviews. We’re able to provide access to this tool to our partners at no additional cost. The tool also provides a couple of different interview options.

Live Video Interview

As with traditional in-person interviews, time and date is determined for the interview to take place. You can then interview the candidate via a webcam from anywhere in the world as though they were in the same room. Each interview is recorded and allows the interviewer(s) to add notes, rank candidates, and share that interview with others in their organization.

  • Ability to interview the candidate in real-time
  • Make a real connection with the employer and candidate
  • Have a natural conversation
  • Option to record and share with others
  • All candidate information in one place

Full Prerecorded Video Interview

Candidates log-in to the HireVue system where they will be asked a series of pre-selected questions that have not been shared with them prior to logging in. Their response to each of the questions is recorded and shared with the hiring team. This recorded interview can be shared with all the decision-makers involved to review on their own time. This works especially well to narrow down the pool of candidates you want to see in a live interview.

  • Provides an in-depth overview of the candidate and their capabilities
  • Targeted interview questions can help refine the selection process
  • Can be viewed anytime/anywhere
  • Option to share with others

Behavioral Assessments

People are the heartbeat of your business. Ag 1 Source and PDP systems make it possible to bring out the best in people at every level of the organization – from the executive team to the line staff. Understanding people will improve your hiring practices, employee retention, help you build great teams and manage effectively. This system is proven to help your company produce measurable results and a high return on your most valuable resource – your people.

The only way to truly understand the power of this tool is to experience it for yourself. Take our free 5 minute demo today, and see for yourself why organizations around the world trust this tool for the insight they need to build and lead high-performing teams and businesses.