Why join our team?  Why become a recruiter?


It’s likely that you may have never considered becoming a recruiter, most of us did not have that in mind when we chose our college degrees and career paths, but there comes a time in life when some of the below situations may resonate with you.


Have people commented that you are excellent at building relationships?
Do you know you have a strong network of people in your segment of the agricultural industry?
Maybe you’ve been told you have the gift of gab.
Cold calling is something that doesn’t phase you.
Are you ready for a career move to a 20+ year organization that requires little travel and gives you the ability to build a flexible schedule so that you are more available for kid/life events?
Do you take ownership in all you do, strive to be the best and are always up for a challenge, but can shake it off and rebound quickly when things don’t go your way?
Do you feel like your compensation is no longer in your control and bonuses/commissions are not fair or just non-existent?
The ability to own equity in a company is of interest to you.


If you’ve thought about multiple of the above, it may be time to think about YOU and your future, what kind of legacy do you want to leave?  What do you want to accomplish in life?  More financial growth, more time with your family, less travel, the ability to leverage your network in a manner you’ve never before considered?  Read more below.

Core Values:


Two things that are at our core and drive how we do business and operate are Integrity and Family.


We demand the utmost integrity in all that we do and we are family focused.


From there, these are the values we hold most high:


We are accountable for our actions and the results we deliver.
We are strongest when we work as a team.
We tell the truth and do what is right for our stakeholders
We care about all of our stakeholders.


These are the essential values and culture that we foster and look for/expect in those who may be looking at a career with us.


WE focus on the TEAM, the overall growth of the organization where working together equals more than what any one person could do individually.

Why Work for Ag1Source/Career1Source by Rhonda Caughlin Werner

Flip through the slide deck above for more information about our history and some of the reasons why you may want to consider joining Ag 1 Source.

Some fun details about us!


The vast majority of us are truly remote. We have employees across the US, most work from their home offices with a few based out of our Hesston, KS office.
Almost half of our employees have been with us for over 10 years and 4 have been here over 15 years.
The vast majority of our team did not come from a recruiting background prior to joining the Ag1/C1 family.
We believe the harder you work the more you should be rewarded.
We have been a company of employee shareholders since 2008 and part of being a successful employee here is equity ownership.
November 1, 2002 was day one of Ag 1 Source, we just celebrated our 20th year.
Currently we are 50% female and 50% male in employees.
WE over ME, teamwork is essential to success.

Want to dig in deeper to a potential career with Ag 1 Source?

Hear from some of us on why we love what we do!

We are seeking people in with Ag industry experience.  Whether that’s grain, livestock, animal health, equipment, agronomy, technology, ag finance, produce, greenhouse, etc, any of those type backgrounds are areas we would be happy to start the conversation.


If a career in recruiting is something you’d like to have further conversations about but perhaps your network or experience doesn’t quite line up with the below roles but you have an extensive network in Agronomy, Livestock, Animal Health, Horticulture, Produce, Technology, Equipment or Grain, feel free to email your resume to RhondaWerner@Ag1Source.com with “RECRUITER” in the subject line.